Sunday, 10 January 2016

Performance Hut Risk Assessment

The performance hut in our college is very safe, but you can make mistakes that can potentially destroy equipment and harm other people.
Things to look out for are:

  • Don't run around (you could run into someone or something)
  • Only bottled water, this is so that no other drink or food gets into the equipment
  • Be wary of trailing cables on the floor, you could very easily trip up on them (I have in my studio)
  • Noise level, you don't want to damage your hearing just because you want to play REALLY LOUD!!!
It is important to stay hydrated during your time in the performance hut, but bottled water really is the way forward. If you spill a bit of water on a piece of equipment that is off, it might be alright because the water will evaporate. However if you were drinking a can of Coca Cola and then spilled it on the mixing desk then that could be a disaster because there will be a sticky residue on all the components.


  1. well done for adding this information Hal, this will now allow you to achieve the pass grade for unit 3.2.

  2. Please also include this information for the recording studio asap please Hal.