Sunday, 18 October 2015

Performance: Styles of Music

In class we were covering the genre of blues music and why it is how it is. Initially, how one would write a blues track. 'The Blues' is typically in the time signature 44 or C for "common time", the track will most likely have a 12 bar structure where the structure alternates between 3 chords. The track will most likely have a walking bass line in it. 

Blues was usually written about hardships of the citizen, oppression, women, money, drugs, alcohol, you name it. Blues then developed to become the early stages of rock and roll. 

Above is Jimi Hendrix, he is named one of the best guitarists ever to set foot on this planet. We listened to his track 'Red House' which is in formulae, a blues song. 

To the right is BB King, He is a legendary guitarist. We listened to his blues track 'Three O'clock Blues' which is in the 12 bar structure. 
Left is the blues guitarist John Lee Hooker, again a legendary guitarist. We listened to his track 'Boom Boom' which isn't actually in the 12 bar structure, it is a 12 bar broken up to fit the staccato structure of the piece. 

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  1. This is a good biographical place to start, but you'll need to flesh it out for the submission. Please look on iLearn for the "Genres Research Pro Forma" this is the same one that we looked at in class.